It’s audiobook time!

Dark Visions eBook cover v 13 - 34 and 27Dark visions is going to have an audiobook!

How does the audio book portion work?

Glad you asked.

First we list the book on ACX/Audible, saying we are wanting a narrator. That’s been done.

As part of that, we give a 5000 word audition script and we describe a little bit about what we are looking for.

For simplicity sake, I listed my story. It has male and female characters, some accents – Jamaican, American, and UK – and some drama.

Because we have a wide variety of stories and characters in our anthology, it makes sense to tell that to people so we can attract somebody who’s really going to have fun with the various parts.

Then they start to audition.

I will get an email that says somebody has auditioned, and then WE get to listen to their audition. Now, I can’t download those and post them on Facebook, but I can post them on my blog and then link my blog to this Facebook group, so all of you will get to listen to every single audition.

And then we’ll see which ones we like the best!

aidui book 1

It is so much fun to hear someone bring your characters to life and to put their particular spin on it.

People who did this with us last year can tell you just how much effort these narrators put forward.

Then, the narrator will ask for notes. So each author is going to listen to their story and make whatever suggestions are required. They will give that feedback to the narrator who will make whatever changes and then when everybody is happy, we publish an audiobook.

Audio books tend to sell for about $15-20 bucks. we may sell a ton; we may only sell a handful, but it’s one more way to be found – and we are giving our audience our stories in whatever format they want to enjoy it.

It’s gonna make you look more professional and easier to be found and you’re gonna learn a lot during this process.

The best part is, we’re going to do a “revenue share” so the narrator will only get a commission if the book sells – just like us. So they have a vested interest in promoting the book with us all of us.

More as it unfolds. If you want to share information about how we are looking for narrators, or if you know one, be sure to send them to check out our book on ACX/Audible.

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USA Today bestselling author Dan Alatorre has 50+ titles published in more than 120 countries and over a dozen languages.

7 thoughts on “It’s audiobook time!

    1. Meh. We sold a handful early in and then it faded. I still like going through the process, though. It’s better to have it than not have it, even if sales are weak. It’s a fun process and it’s networking but if a book catches fire, it’s a great source of marginal revenue.

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