LOTS of contest stories about New Orleans! Are there OTHER scary cities???

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I’m not saying it hurts or helps to set your scary story in New Orleans…

(Okay, maybe it helps; I like ‘Nawlins. The city embraces its dark side. My scary story takes place there.)

It’s fun to see so many stories set in New Orleans; at least four so far, and I have a LOT of stories to read still! I guess the Big Easy has a reputation.

Are there OTHER cities that have a reputation for being scary?

What are some? List them below!


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20 thoughts on “LOTS of contest stories about New Orleans! Are there OTHER scary cities???

              1. The underground vaults themselves were a breeding pit for the city’s least pleasant individuals. Beneath the heart of the city, they were a rank den for thieves, black-market peddlers, the homeless and prostitutes. But they were also a system used to transport corpses so they could be illegally sold to medical schools and anyone else that might’ve been interested. A host of spirits allegedly haunt the vaults. Among them the spirit of a young boy, a dog, a shoemaker and probably the most famous of them; a very malevolent apparition of a man with a top hat named Mr. Boots.

                Fascinating stuff really! Those vaults were truly scary after dark, hell, even during daylight they were unnerving.

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  1. I suppose, Dan, it really depends what you find scary. New Orleans has a reputation for voodooism which is very creepy. England and Scotland are packed full of ghosts, it is really unbelievable how many ghost stories there are. New York has a reputation for serial killers and South Africa has a reputation for murderers in all shapes and sizes. South America is know for drug lords and Italy for the mafia. Hmmm! I should thank you for all these great ideas.

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    1. You’re welcome!

      That’s true about England and Scotland. Lots of ghost stories there. When I visited Lucy over the summer last year, it seemed like there was a ghost story for every second or third building! Mostly pubs, though. Maybe that had something to do with her.

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