Lots of good stories…

I am currently critiquing and sending back critiques on the contest stories as I read them. The goal is to get through them all over the next seven days.

Lots of good stories this time, and lots of people who not only have never been published but they have never written a short story before. Wow. I hadn’t considered that.

Very exciting for them to trust me with their first works.

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8 thoughts on “Lots of good stories…

  1. I truly appreciated the time you spent with my stories. All of your recommendations have been implemented, and I’m going over some other material looking for the same sorts of things to fix. As I mentioned in my e-mail, I know that you have choices for how you use your time, so spending it to show me some things that could make my writing better means a lot to me.

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  2. Thank you, Dan. I just want to tell other bloggers, coming from an editor who never has time to share her own writing, this was a wonderful experience. This is a critique you can trust. It is a writer’s toughest decision to ask for another professional’s opinion. The emotion is so high; the time you spent creating even more poignant. I have always been the one who critiqued, never the critiqued or at least, I have not willingly sought this for many years. Now I am both. I offer one hint of advice. Check your negative emotions at the door. In fact, to succeed you must throw them out the window. There is no place for anger or ego in this process. So many authors fail to take notice of constructive criticism because they feel superior or cheated or that they person who critiqued them just didn’t understand their masterpiece. There are no masterpieces without a master to define them. Reach out and touch those who can make you a better writer. Reach out and touch with humility, graciousness, and the will to learn. We’re on this road together. Lovingly share, loving care. That’s what you will find on this page. That’s what you’ll get from these wonderful contests and critiques by a young man who knows his stuff. Just a comment. Just a suggestion to all who come here to seek validation. Validation is not what will inspire you to grow, evolve, change, and create more each day. Seek instead to find the reason you are a writer and allow yourself to develop, not become stagnant in ego and rejection of that which can help you the most. It’s the FIRST lesson every writer must learn and the hardest. It’s a beginning writer’s biggest stumbling block. I know, I was young once, and when I write, I can be any age I want to be. Let your writing be young and free and uniquely YOU!

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  3. HI Dan,
    I echo the sentiment here. I was one of the individuals that submitted my first attempt at writing a short story. I am grateful for the critique and take your suggestions as a learning experience. My plans are to rewrite my piece and post it on my site. I welcome your comments when I do. Again, thank you for your time and efforts.

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