Attention, COPS and NURSES: HELP!

img_2351-3I have a little murder mystery I’m writing, and I need a little input in a few places.

I’m more than 52,500 words deep in it, but there are things to be corrected before I finish.

For example, NURSE friends,

a detective heads to the emergency room late at night to make sure she doesn’t have a broken ankle. She has to get a few stitches, maybe an x-ray, but…

would you read the scene and tell me what rooms they go to and what’s involved?

POLICE OFFICER friends and detective story enthusiasts:

I have the stuff written, but I need to know things like:

  • How do cops (specifically detectives) refer to their guns? Service weapons? That’s what they say on the news, but if cops internally say something different, your insights would be helpful.
  • Do they carry their guns around inside the station?
  • What type of gun do they typically carry? (Tampa PD website and new stories indicate they used to carry 9mm Glocks and are switching to a 9mm Seg.)

I may have a few other questions for you, so any input is helpful!

If you want to help, please CONTACT ME and send your help in!





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