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Happy Friday!  Seems like it’s been a long week – for me anyway, but the weekend is looming large.  So take a breather, sit back, and let Dan Alatorre tell you about a book he read recently, then fill you in on his most recent novel, a paranormal thriller, An Angel On Her Shoulder.  Knowing that it’s based on actual events gets me all tingly inside!

A book I read recently that I really enjoyed was Lucy Brazier’s Sinister Dexter, part of her PorterGirl series. Lucy has a terrific, lighthearted storytelling style, and this is the third book in the series but it stands on its own very well. It has murder, mystery, intrigue, and a lot of laughs as Deputy Head Porter (they call each other by title there, not by name) goes about solving another case at prestigious Old College.

I was fortunate enough to speak with…

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