Friday FUN Time!

FB engagement meme (45)

Post your answer in the comments section below – and have fun this weekend!

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14 thoughts on “Friday FUN Time!

  1. A squirrel. They would chatter non stop and dash off in the middle of a sentence, or expect you to hear what they are saying from the top of a tree. They would never listen to what you were saying.

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        1. You think?

          I have to believe somewhere in the “talking animal kingdom“ there is the annoying coworker type. Maybe it’s a squirrel, maybe it’s a rabbit, I don’t know. I’m sure if they could all talk to each other we would quickly discover certain ones have certain personalities. I love squirrels because they are industrious but I’m sure there are plenty of animals that would just annoy the crap out of me.

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  2. Donkeys for sure! Couldn’t you just imagine a donkey having an annoyingly high pitched voice?
    I’d hate to come across a talking donkey going off on a tangent 🤔

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