Agree or Disagree: “There are no short cuts to getting better at writing.” 

“There are no short cuts to getting better at writing.”

Lucy Brazier

Do you agree or disagree?

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39 thoughts on “Agree or Disagree: “There are no short cuts to getting better at writing.” 

          1. Ha! I was speaking to an old friend last week and he said ‘Surely you’ve got them queuing round the block!’
            This is not the case. Unless they are queuing very quietly and behind bushes.

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                1. Can you imagine about 20 guys all dressed up and standing in a row behind the bushes waiting for their turn to talk to you? That’s just hilarious. I suppose they all wear bowler hats while they wait quietly with their umbrellas…

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                  1. I hope they’ve brought food. The ones with food get to jump to the front of the queue. The ones without food can go and get food while I deal with the food-bearing ones. I hope they have hats.

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  1. I’m reminded of a quote from A League of Their Own. Dottie was about to ditch the team to go home with her husband, and she said (about the game, not her husband), “It just got too hard.” And Tom Hanks replies, “If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. It’s the ‘hard’ that makes it great.”

    The thing with writing is a LOT of people think it’s easy and receive an unfortunate awakening. It’s just like anything else where you expect results: there are no get rich quick schemes that work, no magic diets, and no way to write a good story without working your ass off and probably crying. Anything worth doing takes effort.

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  2. AGREE! As a novice writer, boy do I know the long and tedious road. I’m not saying I haven’t been looking for the ultimate shortcut, but all I have found so far is the steep road. It also has its rewards.

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