Wanna advertise your book during the announcement of the writing contest winners?

your humble host

Ooh, here’s an intriguing idea.

Author types need help getting their stuff seen!

Well, when I post the list of winners for the Word Weaver Writing Contest, we’ll get lots and lots of eyeballs here.

They could be looking at YOUR BOOK.


  • This blog got over 60,000 views in 2017, and received over 31,450 in 2016. 
  • Certain posts, like the announcement of the July Word Weaver winners, got over 500 views in one day.

Later this month, in ONE POST, I will be announcing ALL the winners for the March Word Weaver Writing Contest. First place, second place, third place, honorable mentions (if any), 4th and 5th places (if any) – you get the idea.

  • You can buy a Sideline Ad and everyone who checks out the blog will see it.

  • You could buy an In-Line Ad to be inserted into the announcement of all the winners.

That’s a pretty easy way to get eyeballs on your book, and right now I’ll do it for half price! Yep, if you buy one of the above referenced ads, usually about $100, I’ll do it for $50. Just contact me before April 15, 2018 and mention you saw this special offer, and you save $50 – and maybe get a bunch of sales.

The posts announcing the winners tend to get a lot of views, usually over 500 in a few days. That’s more eyeballs than a lot of paid media gets on your books. (Sadly, I speak from experience.) But the post is on the blog forever, which means your in-line ad is there forever, and I often reference the winning lists in later posts.

Each winner’s story will be featured on the blog over the next month, along with their author profile or interview, so your sideline ad would be there for all that!

That’s a great deal all by itself, but if you act now and buy one of each, I’ll knock another ten bucks off the deal! $90 for your in-line AND sideline ad combo. Wow! I know.

Okay, that’s it. If you need views and eyeballs on your book or blog or whatever, contact me and let’s get it done! First come, first served, limited space available. I’ll take two or three in-line ads but I’m not turning my winners post into NASCAR, you know?

DON’T MISS OUT! Order your ad today and start getting results!

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USA Today bestselling author Dan Alatorre has 50+ titles published in more than 120 countries and over a dozen languages.

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