What Do YOU Think?

I’m interested in getting your thoughts about stuff I see and hear, quotes I read, stuff that passes as knowledge – and starting an authorey conversation.

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These memes have run almost every Thursday in 2017 since March 9; if you follow the blog, you know that, or you’ve seen them. Although why would you pay attention to the exact date they started? That’s borderline stalkerish. (And a little flattering.)

Anyway, here’s something you may not know. I sat down March 9th and posted them all, scheduling them in advance, for the rest of the year. It took about 2 hours but I had some time and I wanted to be sure to get my favorite memes out there to you.

I hope they helped.

If not, remember this one.

2019 will be here sooner than you think. Get that book written. You won’t “find” time, you’ll have to make it, but let’s not be here a year from now with the same regret, okay?

What are YOUR thoughts on this idea?

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5 thoughts on “What Do YOU Think?

  1. There’s something about all you have in the world is this moment, I can’t remember the exact quote but it’s pretty true. We make time for the squeaky wheel. We make time for what matters to us. If we aren’t making time for writing or marketing or exercise (a popular one come new year), it’s because, on some level, for most of us, we don’t want to.

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