A Swift Kick In The Ass

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Tough love time.

I have an elderly neighbor who lives at the end of my street. In fact, the entire neighborhood used to be her family’s farm.


Miss Jane and her husband Josh always wanted the empty lot next door to their house to be saved for their children.

The children are adults with their own families and live out of state, but that was the plan.


One day.


Last year the “children” broke ground on building a house next door to their parents.

Josh died shortly thereafter.


The house should be finished in a few weeks.


But a big part of the plan is never going to come to fruition because they waited.


It’s a choice, every day, to do something else instead of start that book you always wanted to write.


It’s a choice, every day, to do something else instead of write that outline.


It’s a choice, every day, to not sit your butt down and make time – there is no “find the time” – you MAKE the time to write.

Find time? What are you gonna do, look in the couch cushions?


When you give your young children advice, do you tell them to put their dreams off for eventually, maybe, one day, if everything falls into place just right – or do you tell them to pursue their passion?

Why would you not give yourself the same advice?


Because the clock is running whether you write that book or not, and another year is going to pass whether you write it or not – and you know what?

I have no sympathy for the New Year’s resolution you recite again this year for the book that “didn’t get written.”


If you ever wonder why I act with such urgency it’s because Josh died. It was a bad plan.


So is yours if you’re not following your passion.


I mean, did you want to write a book or not?

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USA Today bestselling author Dan Alatorre has 50+ titles published in more than 120 countries and over a dozen languages.

20 thoughts on “A Swift Kick In The Ass

    1. None of us has that crystal ball. My younger brother will die of cancer within the next two years. My next-door neighbor was almost killed in a car wreck with his family, two young girls.

      Nobody has a crystal ball to tell them how much time is left.

      Do it now. There is no point in waiting for the perfect moment because the perfect moment never comes, and most of the people I meet who begin writing in their 50s and 60s tell me there was no excuse for not doing it 20 or 30 years earlier.

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    1. You know how many emails I’m going to get around New Year’s eve, for a week before in for two weeks after, saying “I’m going to write a book in 2018” and a lot of them are going to be from the same people who told me that in 2017 and 2016…

      You just have to start period today.

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      1. Yep!
        I’m lucky being deep into my 60s and not in a situation where writing is a career choice, at which I would be ‘less than final perfect’ (irony).
        So my plan, I am going to write just what I want to. as best I can. Re-work and brush it up until it’s readable and entertaining, then out it goes to Kindle and it’s there for the taking and ‘belongs to the ages’ (or as long as Amazon keeps Kindle running).
        It’s all good fun and my figures finally got into double (30 yrs = 0; 1 yr =10).
        Thanks again to yourself and several others for steering me into as steady a direction as I am ever likely to get!

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