Anthology update!

For those of you who are interested (and I hope that’s a lot of you), we have finalized some of the ideas for the anthology.

The theme is: SCARY


That’s a pretty broad brush, gang. Feel free to go crazy.

Scary includes: you know, lots of stuff. Horror. Macabre. All that. Channel your inner Stephen King.


You are ALL welcome to contribute something for consideration. I’ll be the considerer.


The DEADLINE to get your short story to me is September 1.

That way we can do whatever editing and changes and still have the thing ready to go by October 1, our planned release date – to market our scary stuff in Halloween month.


ANY length short story will be good.

I think most of you can put out 3000 words in 30 days, some of you can do it much faster than that.


Shorter submissions are welcome.

Longer submissions will be considered, but… I only have so much time. If you send me 50,000 words I can tell you it’s gonna be very difficult for me to get to that one in time, OK? So govern yourself accordingly.


But that said, some of you, like me, have some big ol’ monster story that you’ve written, and there might be a chapter in there that would be a really really good standalone with a few tweaks. So think about doing that!


Here’s what you do:

  1. If you are interested in being in the anthology, use the “contact me” button and tell me you’re interested.
  2. I will reply and say something like Great! Can’t wait to see what you send!
  3. At which point you will have an email address to attach your story and send it on over.

Simple as one, two, three.

Early words will be appreciated. (That was supposed to say early birds, but I like the typo better.)


Any questions, ask them below or send me a email – but odds are if you have a question somebody else has the same one, and I can always update this post with that information.


Thanks! Can’t wait to see what you send!

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USA Today bestselling author Dan Alatorre has 50+ titles published in more than 120 countries and over a dozen languages.

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