Would YOU Like To Help Sponsor The Next Word Weaver Writing Contest (which is in July)?

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Announcing the next quarterly Word Weaver Writing Contest: JULY 2017!

DO YOU NEED PUBLICITY for your book or website?

Be a SPONSOR of the Word Weaver Writing Contest!

Use the contact me button to become a sponsor. Let’s talk!

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On July 1, 2017, I will announce the rules for our 2nd quarterly writing contest. We plan to do a total of three this year.

There will be prizes, so we will need sponsors. YOU COULD BE ONE!

Right now I’m talking to people about

  • $50, $25 and $10 Amazon gift cards (I will probably provide those)
  • signed paperbacks, by me and other authors/sponsors (you could be one of those)
  • book covers from real cover designers,
  • editing services
  • on and on – PLUS a secret prize package to be announced during the contest, that may or may not be membership in my Private Critique Group!

Contestants will have the month of July to enter an amazing piece of their own writing to our contest.

(I’m not telling you all the details now, because it starts in July.)

DO YOU NEED PUBLICITY for your book or website?

Be a SPONSOR of the Word Weaver Writing Contest!

It’s cheap and easy!

We all hate marketing. Make it easy on yourself.

Our prior contest was seen by THOUSANDS of people.

I have over 2,000 blog followers, over 10,000 Twitter followers, over 1,250 Facebook Author Page Likes, and I will be advertising this contest in lots of places.

YOU will get LOTS of exposure as a sponsor – and it’s cheap inexpensive!

Sure, I want big sponsors, but I don’t need that right away, and maybe not at all. I have lots of friends – you, for example – that need to get publicity for a book or service. Keep it in the family, I say.

We will use paperback copies of your book to be awarded, or a session of your editing, your cover design service – anything writing related! 

Use the contact me button to become a sponsor. Let’s talk!

This is really fun, and after a few more quarterly contests we’re gonna be swamped with entries, so be sure to tell your friends to get in early! (You should probably reblog this right now. Go ahead, I’ll wait.)

The more sponsors, the more prizes.

The more prizes, the more interest.

The more interest, the more exposure to your book or service – and YOU, if you help sponsor the contest!

Have a look HERE  at the rollout announcement for the first contest – and I gave my sponsors a LOT of publicity throughout the contest period and prize winning period. Early/existing sponsors are always gonna be given priority of their product or service over a new sponsor offering the same thing.

Donating 5 eBooks costs you almost nothing, but you might get a much needed review out of it. Mailing 5 copies of your signed paperback costs about $20 (here’s info on using the post office’s inexpensive media mail). WHERE CAN YOU GET AN AD FOR TWENTY BUCKS???

Well, here. In this contest. Otherwise, not a lot of places. And I’ll be telling winners to review your book.

And I’ll be advertising the contest, too, so you’ll get that added exposure.

Does this sound good?

Marketing sucks. A real writing contest with prizes is FUN.

A chance to be a sponsor and get new people aware of your book (hello, reviews) or service.


Get ready. I think July is gonna be a blast.

Join me as a sponsor. I will take any writing related product or service: your eBooks and your signed paperbacks, Amazon gift cards (any amount), cover design (that’s a biggie), editing services, formatting services, or anything else you think would make a good prize, like a Starbucks gift card. (Maybe wine, if we can think of an easy way to deliver it.)



We need a LOT of publicity for this thing!!

Use the contact me button to become a sponsor. Let’s talk!

Your humble host.

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