That’s me with editing.


That’s me with editing. 

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11 thoughts on “That’s me with editing.

  1. That’s me on a run or in my weight lifting class. I’m one of those freaks that doesn’t mind editing. Even after the tenth book, I’m jus so excited I managed to finish that I’m happy to correct the gazillion (an actual word nowadays) mistakes.

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    1. Definitely running.

      Definitely definitely definitely with running. Definitely.

      Running sucks. I have a T-shirt that says “running sucks” and every runner I meet wants to know where I got it. Because everybody knows running sucks. Same with editing. If I had a T-shirt that said editing sucks, every writer I met would want to know where I bought it.

      But it’s true that I really hate it the most before I start. Once I start, I actually don’t mind all that much and when I’m finished I feel absolutely triumphant .

      That’s as far as editing goes.

      Running, I know I have to do again the next day so… less triumphant feeling

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  2. It seems like the more I care about a story, the more editing it needs. If it’s something I’m doing for practice, it’s birthed almost fully formed. If it’s part of my novel, I need all the editing skills I can summon.

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