8 thoughts on “10272016

  1. LOL. Clever.I actually missed that particular show because I decided at the end of last season that I wasn’t going to watch it anymore. Zombie, pardon me “walker” gore is one thing but people with barbed wire wrapped bats killing to make a point is another. If there is no hope, there is no suspense. At this point in the story we are just waiting to see who dies next. Seems pretty pointless. There is no possibility of recovery either personally or as a society. However, even though I’m not watching it, I am pretty aware of what is happening because there’s no escaping all the ensuing discussion and posting of pictures. The closeup of Glen’s bulging eye was way over the top for me.

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  2. I cut my cord with the cable company and have to wait until the episodes are available to stream on a device other than using the AMC app (an app that must have been designed by the devil itself), but don’t worry, you didn’t post a spoiler without warning. I might not have seen the episode in real time, but I couldn’t avoid finding out who was the victim of that bat. Very funny clipping though.

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