Soul Mates Update – time to start. Again.

This is an idea for the cover. Cool, huh?

If you got an email last night (check your spam folder) you know we are finally ready to start the Soul Mates story. Probably.

There were a few false starts and a vacation AND a computer crash, among other things. School started. There may have been a flood. Famine. Locusts…

Soul Mates

is the working title for a collective story writing effort we are undertaking. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN WRITING A SHORT STORY TO BE INCLUDED IN THE BOOK, please contact me asap. The story segments are going to be assigned this week (see the “Fat Outline” HERE for the story segments), and we just need to know who is writing what so there’s no overlap. The plan is, ALL writers will be named on the book cover and listed with a searchable Amazon credit for this book.

If you want to edit, proofread, cheer from the sidelines, those efforts will be needed and greatly appreciated. Anyone who helps in editing will be listed, as well as proofreaders and beta readers, on a searchable Amazon credit in the book, wherever possible.

What’s a searchable Amazon credit?

That means people put your name into the Amazon search feature and it pops up under this book.

You can get the “Fat Outline” HERE – that’s an overview of the story and contains one main story with many small short stories inside. You can write one of the short stories and be named on the cover as a co-author. See?

Here’s some more info that will help you. Also, you can search for Soul mates in the search button, top right. That’s what I do.

Anyway, get ready.

head shot
your humble host

You can all help, but it’s time for the writers to step up!


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3 thoughts on “Soul Mates Update – time to start. Again.

  1. Hi Dan. I’m afraid I have too much going on currently with my own works to write. But please feel free to let me in on any beta or proof reading. I hope that’s okay. I just can’t see my way clear till late October to be writing anything else. 🙂

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