What’s All This VIDEO Nonsense About (And How Can I Do Some?)

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On occasion I get letters from readers (or I just make one up) asking for writing advice, needing suggestions about their work, requests for money…

I’m happy to answer these fans, and since what they want to know is usually something others might need to know, I share the letters here. (Names withheld to protect the innocent.)


Dear Dan,

What kinds of software do you use for your video blogs (a.k.a Writers Off Task With Friends)?


Budding Vlogger


Dear Vlog,

Great question!

Check out Google Hangouts On Air. It’s simple and free, and up to ten people can be on at one time (although three is kind of the safe limit for audio quality, it seems.)

You start the video call, then you can record it, then when it’s ended it automatically posts to YouTube. Doesn’t get much easier than that. Then you can edit it from there, right on the YouTube site.
All for free.
I highly recommend it mainly because it’s free. If you have a good camera on your computer (high def is better), sit in a place with ample light, and have decent internet speed, you’ll get a great image and a great recording.
Editing is like anything else, it takes some getting used to, but it’s hard to beat free…
When we started the show Writers Off Task With Friends we didn’t really know what we wanted to do as far as videos, but we did know we wanted authors to have a place to come and share ideas and laugh. We did that, although I suppose the comparisons to Fun With Flags was inevitable. For me, the show is a way to help authors get word out about their work, not so much from our site (although we do have our fan) but using the video as a way to post themselves on Facebook and Twitter and their blog, etc., to get a different aspect of themselves out there and showcase their unique personalities in ways written interviews can’t.
It’s been a ton of fun and I highly recommend it to anyone. After a few shows, you’ll feel very at home. Probably.

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3 thoughts on “What’s All This VIDEO Nonsense About (And How Can I Do Some?)

  1. Thanks Dan for this helpful info. I’m thinking of getting into video later this year and wasn’t aware how Google Hangouts worked. So if you create a video that you choose to edit after for Youtube, are we live while doing the Google Hangout?

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