Okay, I have this (possibly crazy) idea…

I’ve been kicking around the idea of writing a new novel here on the blog with you guys.

You and me, together, write a book, post each chapter here as we go, and publish it when we’re finished.



  • WE decide a topic,
  • WE write an outline,
  • WE decide the story as it goes along,
  • WE write it together,
  • WE… well, you get the idea.

HOW would that work?

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I’m not 100% sure. Today you can comment about what topic or genre the story should follow. Just post below and let’s see what we come up with. You guys are smart. What do you like? What do you read? What have you always wanted to try to write? Do it here, with me! If we need to learn something, we’ll learn together!

I’m thinking we should follow the most popular genres, because they have the biggest followings, which means that’s what most readers read. As writers, you’re readers, so… wait, let me reread that… yeah. Let’s write what readers want to read and what we want to write. In general, that ought to be whatever’s most popular, but I could be wrong. In either case, we’ll decide by comments and do what makes the most sense.


ALL great stories encompass elements of all genres. So it can be a romance AND a western. It can be YA and mystery. It can be a lot of things. 

How will it evolve? Well, first we pick a genre, then in a few days when everybody’s commented, we’ll start assembling a main outline. Once we start writing, YOU will have input on where the story goes. Each of you can review it, tweak it, add or subtract, and then we move on.

See how the draft gets rewritten and changed, how we come up with plot twists, how we create snappy dialog and love scenes and action scenes and…

I don’t know; this could be a train wreck.

But it could be a lot of fun, and we would write the first draft in four months, like Stephen King says we should. Each chapter would be here, so even if you don’t write any of it (we all get busy) you’ll see it evolve. Then when it’s finished, you’ll be able to see the completed work on Amazon – and if you contribute, YOUR NAME will be in the book as one of the contributors!

That sounds fun, doesn’t it?

Let’s get started. What are the most popular genres? What stories sound fun? What should we write together?

Comment below, future co-author!

Your humble host and co-author

Dan Alatorre is the author of several bestsellers and the amazingly great sci fi action thriller “The Navigators.” Click HERE to get your copy of The Navigators – FREE on Kindle Unlimited!


39 thoughts on “Okay, I have this (possibly crazy) idea…

  1. I fear I am an anarchic writer, drawn to fantasy and a lamentable failure to keep humour and ‘odd’ or ‘iconoclastic’ characters out my work.
    (I also stumble about WordPress and its facilities with all the grace of a young Labrador in a shop selling delicate articles)
    Thus having been honest…
    I’m willing to stand at the back, raise a hand with suggestions and timorously say ‘I’m in?’

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  2. Interesting idea…
    My understanding is the most popular genre is romance. I think more “general” fiction, like mystery would follow that. Fantasy does well with a smaller audience that lends itself to fandom.

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    • Romance could be fun. We’d have to think up a new angle on it… Okay, we have one vote for romance. I bet this group would like to see me work that angle! Mystery is your forte but I am willing to learn (plus some reviews said The Navigators was a good mystery). Fantasy could be fun. okay, so I’ll be counting on you – and counting on you lending your mystery expertise to our forming puzzle!

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  3. I usually live for romance, except I’m currently plotting a thriller!

    I’d say I’m rubbish with horror, anything historical, sci-fi or mystery, though some will say I’m rubbish at everything. Boo to those nasty people. I’m going through editorial training at the moment, but you’re overrun with awesome editors, so you don’t need that.

    I’m British, so I spell things in strange ways, and my humour kills people (through boredom, not laughing).

    What I guess I’m trying to get to is, have you identified any useful attributes in me?

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  4. A critique group I was in once tried something similar to this and I think it could’ve been amazing. We all wrote the same genre, Romance (some of us wrote suspense/mystery as well), but we each took a character and wrote from their point of view. We decided on the location (all I remember is they all come together to live in a cul de sac as roommates) together where they all come to be together. Each character had their own background that brought them to be there. One of the authors dropped out and we had to scrap the book idea but I kept my character information and hope to place her into a new book.

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