International Dan Alatorre Day

Possible Jenny’s best post ever.

J. A. Allen

DANThat’s right, friends, I’m climbing out of my summer slacker status to declare International Dan Day. As a Canadian (he’s American), I feel like I have the right.

You already follow Scribbles on Cocktail Napkins, so you probably know Dan. He’s the guy that comments on every single post, because he’s supportive like that. If you’re a longtime follower of the blog, you probably know our story. About a year and a half ago Dan introduced himself to me in a critique group and . . . ripped one of my favorite chapters of Old Souls to smithereens. And then he helped me fix it. Dan is the reason my story isn’t weighed down with a boring beginning, superfluous dialogue tags, and confusing action scenes. Not only that, Dan is the glue behind Writers Off Task with Friends.

Desktop3 How WOTWF usually rolls: Dan cracks a joke while Allison and I try to compose ourselves.

Dan is…

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2 thoughts on “International Dan Alatorre Day

  1. A national holiday! You know you’ve made it when…
    I couldn’t agree with Jenny more- you are super supportive and ridiculously helpful. I’m still waiting for the invoice to arrive. Go ahead. (Don’t) Bill me.
    I’m downloading your book once I figure it out. I don’t have a kindle. Do I need an app??

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