Might be time for a new computer…

OK gang, I might – MIGHT – be in the market for a new computer.Mine’s a piece of crap. I guess Father’s Day is coming up and my birthday, so…
Anyway, if you bought a computer in the last year or so and you like it a lot, tell me what it is and what you spent! 

Also if you don’t like your computer, maybe send me a private message and let me know what kind you bought and why it sucks. 

I’ll mainly use the new one for writer stuff. Word, Internet, video shows… That sort of thing. 

23 thoughts on “Might be time for a new computer…

  1. Asus Aspire E 11. 200 bucks. Weighs nothing and runs scrivener and the internet for research very nicely. Which is all I wanted.
    We have some big monster desktop thing at home my husband designed that he and my son game on. LOL. shrug

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  2. I have an HP Envy with a 17.3″ Touch-Screen. It runs about 1,000 dollars. I love it. Of course I am a die hard HP fan. My desktop computer is a custom build that my brother did for gaming. He built a bigger better gaming computer and gave me his old one.

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  3. My suggestion: iMac or MacBook. Not a kneejerk reaction to the question but because they just work. I understand the fear but they are just so much easier to use, fewer hassles, no blue screen of death, etc. Not looking to start an Apple vs. PC war and won’t participate in one, but I simply don’t think most people realize that computers don’t have to be hard and frustrating. 🙂


  4. I had a Lenovo and was so proud of myself because one the characters of Homelands was using one; then it started to show its Skynet side.

    I now have an Acer (but don’t know how you pronounce it) and Windows 10…… they are both on probation.

    Whatever one buys, one should have lots of memory sticks and a ‘cloud’ back-up for the day the little beast lets one down.

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  5. Whatever you buy, make sure you have Windows 7 on a stick! (like, a USB stick or an external)
    I despise Apple products and Laptops, and am a diehard desktop user. I custom build and I mostly build for gaming, but I am seeing that the new programs and apps and what not are getting heavier and heavier. And damn me if I am going to keep 1 program a time open 🙂

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  6. I have 1 desktop and 3 laptops. The older one has Windows 7 which I no longer use. The 2nd newest has 8.1 which at first I hated but came to love.
    I had done a lot of research on laptops and for 2 years had longed to have the Windows Surface Pro 3. I wanted a 12 inch for travel, but seem to be velcroed to it nightly. It doesn’t come cheap, it’s like a Ferrari compared to the standard brands for me. I fished my wish last year as a Christmas gift when It came on a good sale. It came with Windows 10 which I wasn’t thrilled about, but learned to adjust to, and now I’m addicted!

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