12 thoughts on “How to Write a Synopsis in Ten Steps

  1. I’m just glad it didn’t say “ten EASY steps”! 😀 Well, I guess if you already have figured out the structure of your novel and it fits those ten points nicely, then the writing-it-up part is relatively easy. But what if your novel doesn’t fit that ten-point structure? Uh-oh.

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  2. It was an interesting article and I appreciated the use of a book I was so familiar with for the step by step process. However, at a convention earlier this year I went to a panel entitled why editors pass. One editor said she NEVER reads a synopsis unless she’s read the first ten to twenty pages and is fairly certain she wants more, then she might ask for a synopsis or she might just ask for the rest of the novel. ALL the other editors agreed with her. Just FYI.

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