Agree Or Disagree?

Agatha Christie allegedly said “The best time for planning a book is while you’re doing the dishes.”

Agree or disagree?

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45 thoughts on “Agree Or Disagree?

  1. She is probably right, for I have had some brilliant ideas in the strangest of places… Sometimes you need to be doing something routine and undemanding for the brain to do its own thing, thats my theory anyway…

  2. I have to disagree. For intentional planning, you can’t beat the shower. For when your mind abruptly comes up with stuff, it’s always the moment before you fall asleep.

  3. I have a dishwasher that I use pretty much all the time so I rarely get ideas there. They come to me when I’m walking my dog around the walking track at the Rose Bowl. It’s 3.2 miles so there’s plenty of time to think .

      1. Hi Dan. With those bright eyes and a glow of positivity around you, I might of known you were a runner. I myself have run over 30 thousand miles in my life. It is my everything. My smile, my inspiration. When I am finished my morning gaunt is when ideas pour from me to the page. Just do whatever it is that gets the creative juices flowing.

  4. I think it depends on how many dishes you have to wash. I have more time – and thus more ideas – on my morning walk. Or of course, in the aforementioned muse booth!

  5. I like the “muse-booth,” but one can’t write down things there (unless you have a waterproof pen and paper?). Dishes I’m not at long enough to make for good planning, and I have to use my mind on it occasionally, so I generally look out the window when my mind’s wandering there.I would say treadmill, but I’m bobbling just too much with my hands to be able to write, and I don’t want to use audio; stationary bike is better. My vote is for during any repetitive, mostly mindless task, preferably of more than 5 minutes’ duration—for me, these seem to be mowing the grass, pulling weeds, scrubbing the bathtub, cleaning the ducks’ pen, vacuuming, etc.
    It just so happens that for Christie, that mindless activity was washing dishes, apparently. Obviously she knew what she was doing!

  6. I write most of my material in my head first whilst out on the lanai enjoying the breezes through the tropical foliage. When I’m doing dishes, I’m usually talking to the RS about what I’ve written and getting his opinion.

  7. If she means the best time for planning a book is while doing some mind-numbingly repetitive task then I completely agree. That’s the best sort of time for losing yourself in your own thoughts.

  8. Washing up duty time, is my audio book time.
    My ideas turn up at the least convenient interludes… police officer is going to accept any artistic reason for steering with knees while scribbling down a note.

  9. Allie was right, Agatha meant a repetitive task that allowed your mind to wander was best. personally I think things out while walking the dog and I am guilty of talking it out with the dog as we go. lol

  10. While doing what? Is ‘dishes’ an Americanism? Google tells me it’s got something to do with crockery and cutlery, but in England we use machines for that purpose!! 🤖😁😇

  11. Actually…dishes is how I became a football fan. As a young girl, I noticed that after holiday dinners, you had a choice: sit on the couch and watch football, or head to the kitchen and do dishes. I honestly had NO IDEA why ANYONE would choose dishes when you could sit on the couch! Ah, the innocence of youth….

    Still love football. And I have a dishwasher.

    1. I do that – I just call it talk to text. (And if I don’t speak like a robot, it’s jibberish to text).

      But Rachael, WHY haven’t you contacted me about doing the video show??? You totally should. Seriously. Email me right now.

      1. I figure when I die someone will go through my phone someday and will listen to all my rambling voice recordings. I’m wondering what curious things they will have to say.

      2. Oops, finger too close to send button. I’m totally amused by your robot voice reference. Domo arigato Dan-roboto.

        The show? Soooo, I’ve actually been considering emailing, but I’m nervous over the idea of emailing. Y’all are intimidatingly too cool. Haha

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