What Does A Time Machine Look Like Anyway?

I didn’t know, either.

But I had some ideas…

eggy 1

I didn’t say they were great… and I don’t know why they’re sideways.


Here’s who I was thinking for Barry and Melissa

the team


and one of the covers that didn’t win (we weren’t releasing the title yet when this cover was shown publicly)


Quite a difference from the winning designs, huh?


Just goes to show, it’s a team effort.

I also considered using a pen name (male and female) but decided against it. I’m too egotistical.

TheNavigatorsJackC  TheNavigatorsKellyM

The ones I like rarely work best for the readers. Guess I’d better stick to writing!

What’s your cover design process been like?



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18 thoughts on “What Does A Time Machine Look Like Anyway?

  1. So the answers isn’t always ‘A Delorean’? Learn something new every day. 🙂 As for my cover design process, I might have to abstain from that one. I give my cover artist the story line and answer his questions then wait for him to finish.

  2. Those look like perfectly reasonable time machine drawings to me! Well, except for being sideways. Not as an illustration, maybe, but it makes sense that you want a good idea of where everything is and how it works if you’re going to write about it. I’ve made (equally crude but effective) drawings of the floor plan of my manor for the same reason.

      1. Hey, you’ve got a control panel, a gear shift, a place to sit, and an outer shell — what more does a time machine need? Well, some mechanism to make the timey-wimey bit go, but you can just draw a Black Box of Something for that. 😉

  3. I am assuming those diagrams are merely the interior and that the real outer shell featuring the heat dissipation technology needed to keep the whole thing from being rendered to plasma due to the energy required to manipulate the space time continuum (not that I’ve given it any thought) is featured on a separate page. I wouldn’t expect you to give all your trade secrets away for free after all.

    I do like the end result.

  4. Your cover came a long way. I like it much better than the other examples. As for your drawings, I get the general idea although they remind me of the drawings of molecules and fluid mosaics that I had to do for my biochemistry class!

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