Oh, Do I Have Something Special For YOU!

Writers Off TASK w Friends NEW Square.jpg

I think I mentioned we’re in pre-production of a video show that will be writing and author related. But rather than boring old instructional stuff, we wanted to take REAL LIVE AUTHORS and put them on the spot, ask them story-related questions and industry-related questions, and get their insights – while keeping things light (and interesting, hopefully).

Later today I’ll be airing a sample of a show segment.

When we finally get the format down and feel it’s interesting enough to attempt with others and not have mobs show up at our houses with pitchforks and torches, we’ll be inviting YOU to sit in on panel discussions.

But for now, enjoy these images and get ready for a video to air later today.


Does it look like we’re having fun? (Except the last one of Jenny where she gets bored and checks her Facebook messages in the middle of the show)

We are having fun!

I think it’ll be fun to watch, too. (You can decide for yourself by checking out the Writers Off Task With Friends YouTube channel)

Whether all this makes for a good video show or not, we’ll see – but all signs are pointing in the right direction.

Stay tuned!


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