23 thoughts on “Author You’d Instantly Buy Their New Release Without Even Thinking Twice About It?

  1. R J Lllewellyn- Author of the Nearly Not Quite Paladin series- read these and you’ll know exactly what not to do when self-publishing ( exits -maniacally laughing- sorry about that my other side got loose-down boy, here’s another cup of tea with four sugars)

    Seriously;That would be Brandon Sanderson and his Mistborn books

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  2. Piers Anthony, because I’ve loved his style forever
    Clive Cussler, anything within his Oregon series or the Isaac Bell series. Either of those will keep me up reading all night when I should be sleeping.
    P.C Cast, their voice and style. Yes, I said ‘their’. A mother-daughter writing team that writes under one name. Their books are considered YA but I don’t care. There was a time when I consumed their books like most people breathe.
    J.K Rowling, of course. The woman is brilliant. There isn’t enough room for me to go on about her genius that is the Potter-verse.

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