I’ve gone dark!

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Your humble host, gone dark.

I got a new phone that has yet to be reinstalled with my backup data, so I’m using the opportunity to lay low and get some editing done. Hey, you try launching a newsletter and editing and posting and blogging and critiquing and BSing on Facebook and see how much you get done. It can be overwhelming, even for me.

So I went dark. Radio silence. Incommunicado. So did you, based on yesterday’s writing challenge. What the heck happened there? Like NO replies, hardly. Trying to tell me something? (I’m going dark, I guess; it’s probably not technically “went dark” if I post like this.)

Anyway, I have LOTS of cool stuff to update you on from here in the dark.

  • The newsletter rollout is going really well. We’re adding people every day. (Did you start one? You should. More on that another time, but you really should think about it.)
  • The new phone is bigger but not as big as a small iPad, so that’s cool. It’ll still fit in my pocket.
  • I FINALLY got a Goodreads promo set up (hey, I’m just 100 friends shy of 2,000 GR friends now – just sayin’. Might wanna get on that train.)
  • My FB author page has added almost a hundred Likes this week – how cool is that?
  • We’re closing in on 20,000 followers on Twitter. That’s just crazy.

The Goodreads Promo thing is for my first book Savvy Stories, and it’s about a middle aged guy who becomes a first time dad at age 47. It’s really funny, whether you have kids or not, and it’s a great way to see how my writing has progressed. You can register to win a signed copy in a few days over at Goodreads, but not yet. I’ll let you know when. But then tell your friends. I think it starts the 5th if they approve it. They may not. They know about me. I was also thinking about giving away a signed copy to the person who brings the most friends to the newsletter before February 15th. Have them send me a message after they subscribe saying you sent them and we’ll draw a winner at random. See? That’s your reward for reading this far. Some people missed that.

The SECOND marketing book is almost finished being edited, which is a fancy way of saying it was finished and then I took stuff out and put other stuff in.

Tonight, it’s gonna be chilly in Tampa so I think we’re gonna roast marshmallow and hot dogs in our outside fireplace. Not at the same time, as a single item. Hot dogs will be roasted, then the marshmallows. I think you understood that. I hope so.

I have a great post coming up tomorrow and a super one for Monday, so I’ll see you then – well, not really, cos I’ll still be in radio silence as part of going dark – but oh well.

Have a great weekend! And seriously – what was up with that writing challenge? Maybe click over and say Hi just so I know it posted.

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11 thoughts on “I’ve gone dark!

  1. I’m closing in on a completed manuscript, which doesn’t leave much time for anything else. I’ve cut way back on the multi-tasking, concentrating mostly on finishing the book and a little social media during short breaks throughout the day (most days, anyway). Haven’t blogged much in the last few months either, but hope to restart that soon and get back into a rhythm with it. You, on the other hand, seem to thrive on multi-tasking! 🙂

  2. Hi Dan…I can only speak for me…as said before…on your and my blog … I like the challenge of a writing prompt … but my enthusiasm lost when prescriptive… writing for me has to come naturally… not by chance of random numbers which for me take away the fun, the immediacy, the adrenaline rush…which flash writing has to give, else why do it? Eric.

    1. I get that. I think sometimes seeing the tiny box or parameters and saying, here’s a challenge: could you write a story constrained by these things? makes it fun, too. We’ll have others. I’m always looking at what kinds of things get the biggest reactions and I then to do more of them. Thanks for the input!

  3. Hi Dan. When you said, you have gone dark, I immediately thought that you were writing a dark story. Like as in, vampire sucking blood thirsty hairy monster beasts. Or writing of the occult. You see how words can conjure up images. Then again, my mind is always on overreact. Have a great writing day, my friend. Brenda Rae Schoolcraft

  4. Hello, I was also dark yesterday due to family visiting, so sorry I dont know if the writing challenge got to me or not. Anyway good luck with the new phone and I will look for writing challenge next time.

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