My Grandma’s Christmas Presents

Enjoy this post from Christmas past, and tell us about one of your worst presents ever!

Dan Alatorre


 Our grandmas knew some stuff we didn’t, and they did things in a different way.

 When I was a kid, my grandma always bought me underwear as a Christmas present – which, considering we would have all our cousins, uncles, aunts, and brothers and sisters over at our house on Christmas morning to open presents, meant I got to have about 50 people in the room as I tried to smile about grandma buying me tightie whities.

 The mere though still gives me quivers.

 She was a practical woman who lived through the Great Depression and I guess she figured an active boy needed good underwear. A few years later she switched to giving each of her grandkids $100.

 That was much nicer.

 My cousins and I would joke that it was always good to see “Ben” – Benjamin Franklin, who graces the $100 bill. Clean, crisp, and tucked…

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5 thoughts on “My Grandma’s Christmas Presents

  1. For me, underwear and socks are the best Christmas presents possible! I like that your memories of your grandma at Christmas are cherished. I lost my grandma on Christmas Day last year so this is the first without her and it’s all a bit sucky. I will be remembering the colouring books, felt pens and underwear with far more fondness than all the cash she gave me as I got older!
    Nice post. Merry Christmas

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  2. The worst present I ever got for Christmas was… Well, I actually have no idea what it was, or should I say ‘they were’. I was about fourteen and I had expressed an interest in going on a skiing holiday with school. It was just a dream that I was guaranteed would never happen, and guess what, it didn’t. I’ve still never managed it. Anyway, back to this present. It was two strips of red rubbery stuff with metal clips on the end. My late aunt put a note in with them, “You’ll find these handy when you go skiing”. I kept them until I finished university eight years later, and I never did find out what they were!

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  3. A hundred bucks, pretty nice, sans the rubber wallet, lol. Hmm, can’t say I got too many crappy gifts except one or twice (no names) bought me a sweater which went directly to charity. I don’t like anyone, including my husband buying me clothes. I’m very picky about style and fit and do fine on my own. 🙂

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