Last Minute Flash Fiction Challenge!

00 coal
That’s coal, not poop. C’mon.

It’s not too late!

There’s still a week until Christmas, so let us know if you are on Santa’s naughty or nice list, and what you want to see under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning! And some other stuff.


Cos during the holidays, traditions ROCK.

Other times… meh.

Oh, and after you are warmed up with the fluff, answer the last question. THAT’s really the challenge.


From there, you know the drill: post a reply, link to your blog and reference this blog so I get credit with the big man (for taking care of our fellow writer types, of course – by giving them ideas. Some were good. That whole haiku thing was fun. It wasn’t all a waste of time!)


  1. Naughty or nice?
  2. Under the tree I want to see…
  3. Do you open presents Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?
  4. A visit to the relatives involved (you go see them or they come see you)
  5. Go to Church?
  6. Big family dinner?
  7. big family brunch?
  8. Booze??? Anybody cross the line every year?
  9. Anybody cross the line under the mistletoe?
  10. Best Christmas EVER – you have 1,000 words to tell us about the best Christmas you ever had. Make us misty eyed for your personal Rosebud sled! Great writing has to be personal.

Get after it!

Note: Since they have taken place on Fridays, there will NOT be a writing challenge next Friday – on Christmas Day – unless I get VERY creative and/or drunk. Then, all bets are off. Also, don’t expect one on the following Friday – New Year’s Day, for what are probably obvious reasons. In fact, don’t expect any next year at all, really, unless we get better participation… But you never know. Because fun.


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16 thoughts on “Last Minute Flash Fiction Challenge!

  1. I’m hoping little Ellie will appear again under the tree early early Christmas morning. I never know which year she’ll show up. She’s as tall as a whisper and as ornery as a pine cone, but she never fails to make me laugh with her elfin jokes about Santa (seems every year he either forgets to wear his socks or to brush his beard or to polish his boots and Mrs. Claus nags him in front of the whole gang before he happily takes off for his Eve journey around the world). One year, Ellie snuck in one of Santa’s pockets – whoa, what a tale she told! Sooo, I’m setting my alarm for 3 a.m. next Friday morning, just in case. Happy Happy Holiday to you!

      1. (I’m copying my comment from your blog)

        Great job with this! For your effort, we will have Flash Fiction Challenge next week AND next year.

        Merry Christmas!

        Thanks for becoming my friend in 2015. We will BOTH have to start submitting to authors in 2016. I certainly know people to ask for help with that. This time next year, we’ll have our publishing deals under the tree.

  2. Okay, Dan, I finally got your first flash fiction done. I know, it’s been a while. But I’ve been trying. Really.

    First I did number nine on your list–a Christmas tree in a small apartment with no one else around. But I like it so much that I sent it out to everyone on my email list, which meant that I shouldn’t post it. No point in being on my email list if you can just get the story off my blog.

    Then I did number 3-grandparent baking cookies with a bottle of scotch nearby. But that one ended up with multiple POVs and over two thousand words.

    So I tried number four–one reindeer with five others glaring at him. But I ended up with only three ticked off beasts of burden. Five was too many for me to manage with flash.

    So I finally wrote number seven–a dog chasing Santa’s sleigh. And I posted it and linked to this. It’s at:

    I was trying, really. I can tell you this thing turned into a quest. But here’s my eleventh hour entry anyway. 🙂

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