9 Ways to Use Pinterest to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

(This article originally ran on wishpond)

00 d r r.jpgSo, you’ve spent a lot of effort researching and writing an amazing blog post. You’ve published it on your website. Why aren’t you getting lots of readers?

Do you promote it well on Pinterest?

When you write a blog post, you need to drive traffic to it for a good return on investment (ROI). Pinterest is increasingly becoming a site where people go to read the articles of their choice. But, how do you do it?

Here are 9 actionable methods to drive traffic from Pinterest to your blog.

(Read the rest of the Wishpond article HERE)


Gang, this is the stuff we’ve been talking about – social media made easy. Click over and check out how easy Pinterest can be, then comment below about your success stories! – Dan

12 thoughts on “9 Ways to Use Pinterest to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

  1. There is a hell of lot to take in here – I was going to ask how it’s worked for you but I guess it’s all relative to where you are exposure wise – and you are already well exposed and out there so to speak. I’ve no real idea how people go from a few tens of followers to even hundreds -and as for thousands I can’t relate to that at all. Yes, I’ve read all the stuff you’ve put out , and others, and yes I understand the basic principles – but how do you do all this ‘putting yourself out there’ stuff at the same time as writing. The blogging I get, it’s a sound foundation slow build thing; Twitter is a can of worms with little return, Goodreads thanks to you and CJ I’m going to sign as a reader to that, Pinterest seems like a hell of a lot of work – hard work is ok – but what’s the tangible return – can anyone out there show ‘I went from here to there in what time?’.


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