BRAZIL! La la la la la la la laaaa…

Ever get a song stuck in your head?


00 brazil flag
I did not know this was their flag, either! Looks like it could be NASA’s flag.

Brazil? WTF? Who writes a song with ONE WORD???

And it’s stuck in my head. I hate when that happens. I was humming that for hours last night. (Maybe overnight, too; I don’t remember.) I don’t even know of there are more words! Just Brazil and a bunch of la’s. But I guess that’s all they needed. Keep it small and simple.

00 brazil flag
They have cool statues, too!


At least it’s not the Spongebob song, and he has a really horrid Christmas song that will be jammed in my cabeza as soon as the five year old sees it on TV. Can’t wait.

Why, we’re practically neighbors. They’re right down the street!


Oh, I have a real post written somewhere I can’t find. I’ll post it in a while when I find it. It’s good, and you’re going to want to read it because it talks about a new video blog/author interview/discussion panel thing I’m going to be doing with you guys, as part of the launch to the superblog and NYT-BSA Anthology. (You thought I forgot, didn’t you?)

00 fun folks
They seem like fun people, even if they DO like soccer!


I’ll get THAT posted just as soon as I find it. It’s around bere somewhere. Meanwhile, did I get the Brazil song stuck in your head?




Bra-zil! La la la la la la la laaaa!


lalalalalalalalaaaaaaaa, Brazil.


Honest. Real post coming soon, within hours. No lalas in it, either.

11 thoughts on “BRAZIL! La la la la la la la laaaa…

  1. I know what you mean… Sometimes the strangest things get stuck in my head. And no matter how hard I try to think about something else, my mind keeps going back to them.

    I guess there are worse things than Brazil to be thinking about all day…or all night, in your case. So have fun with that! 😊

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  2. oh mi god, for some reason that song about they’re trying to make me go to rehab and I say no no no has been playing everywhere lately and every time I hear it, it plays in my head for three or four days before I can get it out. Bon Jovi doesn’t even work.

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  3. Please… I just got Let It Go out of my head… AND the DuckTales theme song (now that’s the catchiest theme son in the universe)… NO MORE songs.

    And yeah… We are, for the greatest part, incredibly fun people. Unless you speak ill of soccer, then things have a small chance of turning ugly. 😛


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