10 Steps to Make Goodreads Work For You

Are you guys doing much on Goodreads, the LARGEST book club in the world? You should!


I got on Goodreads a few years ago and that was it. I didn’t do anything after I created the profile and listed my books I had out at the time.


Nada, zip, zero, for TWO YEARS.


Remember how I said take on one social media at a time? I may have slacked off there for a while.


It is time for Goodreads. First, read the reblog below, and then tell us what YOU are doing on Goodreads to build your base and sell books.


Personally, I am still not doing much there but I need to and I will be soon -ask me about that pesky book that just won’t finish – but a few days ago I updated my status and I went from three friends to over 300 in about 24 hours. I am at 700 this morning.

700 Goodreads 12022015 B

More friends is good, right?


What now? Beats me.


So we will learn this one together!


But tell us your success stories if you have them and if you want to do a guest blog about Goodreads and what to do there, THIS is the time!

Writers In The Storm Blog

By Lisa Verge Higgins

Lisa Verge Higgins Lisa Verge Higgins

Goodreads – with its 18 million rabid readers – is one of the most powerful places for an author to be discovered.

Goodreads is where folks converge to discuss novels, offer recommendations, write reviews, and keep compilations of the books they’ve read and want to read.  Etailers like Kobo and Google feed Goodreads reviews directly into their websites.

Even if you’re not a member, your books are still listed and attracting reviews.  Take advantage of the opportunity to control your own profile and book data and provide information that’ll bring the reader directly to you.

Here’s how, in ten easy steps:

1. Become a Member of Goodreads!

In order to join the Goodreads Author program—where all the perks are—first you have to join Goodreads as a reader.  If you are joining for the first time, I strongly recommend that you use your author name in its…

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17 thoughts on “10 Steps to Make Goodreads Work For You

  1. Love Goodreads. I don’t get there as much as I’d like to but when I revisit I always find interesting discussions, connections and occasional new book reviews of mine (nice surprises). I also copy and paste every book review I put on Amazon for the author to have it on their Goodreads book page too.

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