You’re STILL Stuck???



It’s not just you, it’s Jenny, it’s Larry, it’s Monty…


Whenever anybody has an issue, there are always a LOT of other people who have it, too, or have had it, or have heard about somebody having it. Talking about it here makes it less of an “all alone” situation.


Some friends are STUCK.


They are unmotivated to write!


That rarely happens to die hard writers, but it can easily happen to newbies, so don’t feel too bad. But do work to get over it.


Maybe the passion for the story is gone, even if only temporarily. That can come for various reasons, but one good way to get started back up is to read some of your story.

This is amazing!

Usually, when I need to start a chapter, or just start up on Wednesday morning from wherever I left off Tuesday, it’s helpful to read the prior chapter to reacquaint myself with where I was, the pace, etc. Especially if it’s been a day or two.


By rereading, one of two things tends to happen.


I get interested as hell in the story and can’t wait to pick up where I left off.




I see typos and start fixing stuff. I see ways to polish sentences. I see subject verb patterns that are repetitive and I can change them around to avoid the story taking on a boring tone. Fixing that stuff is something I need to do anyway, so as long as I’m stuck and not creating new story, I might as well fix the existing story as much as possible. Attack it! Next thing you know, I’m immersed in the story and want to write more of it.


That’s me. I love my stories. Try it!

14 thoughts on “You’re STILL Stuck???

  1. Hope it helps!

    With my stuff, I read it like a reader. If I find myself 100% engrossed and reading every line, it’s good. If I even THINK about skimming, I flag that paragraph.

    Rewriting something, or in my case I’m usually trying to say it more succinctly, is hugely helpful, and gets the creative ideas going again.


  2. Oh my goodness. I was SO STUCK and for SO EFFING LONG, haha.
    I am really happy that I’ve gotten over that hump, but now that I have, I’ve been inundated with so many extra hours at my ‘real’ job that I can’t get back on track!
    That said, I know that eventually my book will get finished. The important thing is, no matter how ‘new’ to writing we are, we can’t accept failure. Dan is a great mentor who pushes me forward, but if I didn’t have the desire to go on, I wouldn’t. No amount of mentoring can unstick someone who wants to be stuck. We have to decide to overcome that block.
    Choose to keep going no matter what. Find out what works for you by trying everything. That’s how you get unstuck. That’s how you get to the finish line. 🙂

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  3. I think you’re spawning clones here… I try to resist, but alas, I’m in that mindset too.

    Sometimes I whiz back to check a fact from an earlier section, and find myself reading and polishing there too. That’s not so good for me, because I’m usually interrupting a chain of thought to do so.

    I have wondered how productive I am being, because I don’t see progress. BUT you are right, that stuff needs doing, so I’m saving myself from having to do it in the future.

    Talking of progress, I should get back to it! Thank you for reminding me that I am saving myself time, not wasting it.

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