Your humble host.
Your humble host.

As I look for multiple voices to help explain the author’s journey, I discover many gems. Beth Kennedy – “KSBeth”  to those of you who have seen her comments here – is certainly one.

If an author needs a platform to assist in success, and a blog is to be part of that platform, then it makes sense to get input from popular bloggers.

Beth is wildly popular on her blog, so I asked her to share her secrets.

Lucky for us, she said yes.

Here’s Beth.


“my story is your story”

beth 1Recently, I was asked by Dan Alatorre, author and blogger extraordinaire, to share my personal experience with blogging and I feel honored to do so. I’ve been blogging for about 2 1/2 years and I have always been drawn to the human story – I love to find the surprise, the redemption, the perspective, the unique element in each person’s experience. When I began blogging, it was to express myself, to share my own story.

(To check out Beth’s terrific, popular blog, called “I didn’t have my glasses on…”, CLICK HERE– Dan)

Imagine my delight when I found connections, across the keyboard, with people, both near and very far, who were willing to share their own stories. I’m not a judgmental person and believe that every person has something to share with the world. Over time, I’ve found my style, a comfortable mix of photo, quote and few words, and it is ever-evolving.

Blogger "ksbeth"
Blogger Beth Kennedy aka “ksbeth” at her blog “I didn’t have my glasses on….”

What has worked for me is to really listen to what the other bloggers are trying to say, in photos, in words, in artwork, in music – in myriad ways. When someone responds to my own writing, I always write back to find what has connected them, never taking it for granted. I love to engage in a conversation, always learning something from them and enjoying that connection.

Each day, even when not publishing, I spend time perusing others’ posts and inevitably find that someone has provided food for thought, an emotional experience or humor to offer a bit of positive relief to a challenging world. I respond and let them know how their piece has touched me. I seek out bloggers who are new to me and respond to those for whom I am new to them, forging new connections all the time.

The world of blogging has proven to be a very interesting and caring community, filled with delightful people. I’ve met some in person, have crossed paths in serendipitous ways and have found the most unusual connections imaginable. For me, blogging has expanded for me, blogging has expanded my world exponentially and I have loved every minute of it.

Image credits: psychology today,
Image credits: psychology today,

Readers, Beth’s insights are repeated over and over when you read her blog, and also in other posts that discuss being successful on social media. We tend to forget the SOCIAL part. I know I do. I get busy and think In don’t have time, then wonder why people don’r read a post I publish. It all connects. It’s all an investment in other people, and it pays off in relationships.

Thanks a ton to Beth for sharing her insights!


Your humble host.
Your humble host.

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17 thoughts on “CONNECTING MAKES A SUCCESSFUL BLOG – Guest Post by “KSBeth”

  1. One thing Beth doesn’t say herself is that perhaps a lot of her popularity in the blogosphere is based upon her being a staunch and lovely supporter of many other bloggers too.

  2. A great informative post and I agree every blogger has their own unique take on life, the only trouble is we don’t have enough time to read everyone that catches our eye. I keep thinking I should create a scrapbook of bloggers to enable me to go back and check out other interesting blogs

  3. Thanks, Beth, for the insight. For new bloggers like myself, it’s encouraging to read other positive experiences. I’ve come across so many long-abandoned blogs of other fantasy writers, and it tends to be discouraging.

    Dan, I ended up on your blog because of your Critique Circle blog. I really got a lot out of it, and Beth’s message was a great addition. Thank you both for your words of wisdom!

    1. Yeah, Beth’s the best. And I’m glad my CC post was helpful! It was here first, as all my best stuff is…

      Welcome aboard! Let me know how to find your stuff on CC. (You can use the “Contact Me” button for privacy.)

    2. thank you so much, brittany. i’m glad that this offered you a bit of positive insight into the world of blogging. it was very kind of dan, to host me on his site and this is exactly what i meant when i talked about community support.

      best of luck to you on your blogging adventure,


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