How To Be A Prolific Writer – A ReBlog from James Scott Bell

I agree with so much of this article, it’s almost like I could have written it myself. I have, over the years, expressed just about every thought he asserts here! Therefore, the man is obviously a genius!

I urge any new writer or anyone struggling to finish their story to read it.

How To Be A Prolific Writer – James Scott Bell

Also, the assembly of a dozen writers to contribute to one central site, sheer brilliance. We need to do that. Imagine 12 authors bringing their fan base to a common site, to help broaden each other’s appeal and acquire new readers. Plus, if the blog posted weekly, each of the 12 would only have to do a post once every three months. And while The Kill Zone may be dedicated to crime novels, the post in question is about writing in general. So if you have an interest in banding together to make a common site like that with me, let me know.

First we need a cool name (and awesome banner picture). As the holidays progress, it’s an ideal time to put this together and hit the ground running with it in 2016. It’ll also be a terrific intro to the upcoming anthology we’ll do in an attempt to score New York Times Besstselling Author status (no I didn’t forget, I’m trying to finish a book here!)

Excited? You should be. There’s plenty of room for lots of great, established talent and a few newbies to talk about the early struggles, too. This is definitely going to happen.


38 thoughts on “How To Be A Prolific Writer – A ReBlog from James Scott Bell

  1. Thanks for that link Dan. I shall read that tomorrow (its too late for my brain now!) but it is just what I need. I am so stopped it is incredible.
    I was prolific for moths, turning out word after word after word then BAM!
    I just stopped, so if this article gets me back my mojo then I will owe you a debt of gratitude.
    Thank you.

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  2. Dear Dan,
    After going to a writers conference, one of the things they kept talking about is how to have an on-line presence, like a web site, blog ect. I totally understand but always thought a blog contained trivial personal information, so I never wanted to do one. Who cares if I got up, made myself a cup of coffee, or if my manager was hassling me after working a 12 hour shift? But, after reading that it doesn’t have to be boring, or shouldn’t be, thanks to you and your contributors, I have to rethink everything. Thanks for the good information.

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    • It’s fun to go to a writer’s conference and connect with other writers, and to pick up some tips and enthusiasm from the instructors. I’m glad you went and then brought back some things to share with us.

      Blogging is fun, or it should be, since it’s whatever you want it to be, right? But somehow a lot of the fun can go away when you HAVE to do it versus WANT to do it.

      But we’re always here to get new ideas or share what we know, so that’s what this blog tries to do!


  3. It could work, Dan. Others have. I’d be happy to join in. I’ll have three books out by January (even if the last kills me–and it seems like it might). I’d be happy to contribute my small reader base to the pot, if it’s large enough to be of value. You can email me if you want more details.

    Ha. At the least I can contribute good punctuation. And hopefully, decent fantasy and ghost stories.

    My mind isn’t quite as fecund as Rachael’s when it comes to titles. I like her suggestions of the Write Brigade and Curious Mythos. A Band of Writers might work, because there are so many song lyrics that tie in (picture Roger Daltrey singing “I want you to join together with the band.” Useful metaphoric stuff–like thriller writers are the brass section, romance is strings, and speculative fiction the woodwinds (because they are far and away the most versatile).

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