Dear Walt Disney: See You in Hell.

This blog is hilarious and you should be following it! Have a look and see for yourself!

She sells mojitos in her driveway like a lemonade stand. I mean, come on, that’s funny. And her ALS Ice bucket Challenge? A classic!

Read and enjoy. You can come back and thank me later.


One Hot-Flashin' Mama

We just got back from a week in the sunshine state and though the holiday was fantastic, a long-hidden belief of mine was affirmed: theme parks are evil.  To celebate my hatred of all things chaotic, overpriced and soulless, we decided to spend our last day of vacation at a popular theme park (Hint: Walt Disney is the devil). 

Let’s backtrack.  I spent a week at Disney when our boys were younger.  I overdosed on Day 3 didn’t enjoy it. I am terrified of rides.  I have been known to stab people get fidgety in line ups and I hate paying $25 for a hot dog. I hate hot dogs too. However, since then I’ve become more patient and adventurous. #noihaven’t.

So, in a selfless act, I put on my big girl thong and led my clan to our demise the park’s gate. I ignored the hoardes of people rushing past the other direction.  As

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