Why Do You Reference Movies When you Talk About Books?

People ask why I often refer to movies when I talk about books. Here’s why:

If a million people read a book, it’s a runaway best seller.
If only a million people see a movie, it’s a flop.

Movies reach a much larger audience than books, so it’s a more common point of reference.

Makes sense to me!
Makes sense to me!

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15 thoughts on “Why Do You Reference Movies When you Talk About Books?

  1. I agree… I read AND see movies so I can talk about both. But if a book is really successful, it will sell more than a million copies, eh? 😉
    I also think movies and books are a great way to start a conversation, You can learn a lot about a person based on what they read (or if they don’t read) and what movies they watch (or don’t watch). It is a safe topic for me and I use it to gauge whether or not deeper subjects can be broached like religion, current events or politics….

    1. I tell people “I don’t read.” That’s supposedly like one of the worst things you can say to an author. I should probably stop saying it.

      It’s more accurate to say something like “I read three online newspapers and ten blogs, plus write probably a five hundred to thousand words, all before 6am, and then critique 3,000 – 10,000 words before my daughter wakes up for breakfast. But that sounds so pretentious.

      Meanwhile, I tend to not read a book at all, until I do – and then I devour it nonstop in 1 or 2 days.

      So I say “I don’t read” – meaning books – because most of the time I’m not. I probably don’t go a week without seeing a movie or two, either on TV or at the theater.

  2. Playing to an audience that has grown up in a very visual world, referencing movies is a quick way to establish an image, concept, or theme with a visual quickly so you can more rapidly go on and talk about what you want without long explanations

  3. I reference movies when I talk about…well,,,pretty much anything. It scares people sometimes. Like at work last week I made some witty comment and someone told me I was funny.
    “Whaddaya mean I’m FUNNY? How am I funny? What’s funny about me? Huh? Huh? Like funny ha ha or funny queer? Huh? How am I funny? How am I funny?”
    The look of terror in her widened eyes finally clued me in to the fact she’d probably never seen Goodfellas. (sigh.)

  4. I wanted to say I keep the two pretty separate but then I realized just this last week I talked my writers group into a field trip to see a movie. And I’m currently running a how to write workshop based on a film script book. LOL. um….media co-mingles, on it’s own. Like teenagers you just can;t keep them apart. That’s my story.

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