We Write Every Chapter, Good And Bad.

I knew a person who was about 55 years old 10 years ago, and she worried that she might lose her job. There were massive cutbacks at her company; all sorts of people were leaving. It was a scary time. Her family needed her to be working. They relied in her income.

Her main concern was, if she lost her job, that she only had a high school education. She never went to college. Finding a new job in that economy without a degree would be hard. She worried.

Meanwhile, one of her children was about to graduate college after going part time on and off for over a dozen years.

I suggested that she should start taking classes.

She said she was too old. It would take her ten years or more!

I asked her how old she would be in ten years if she got a degree and how old she’d be in ten years if she didn’t get one.

Your book is your book. If it comes fast like mine do, it’s not yours. Maybe your book takes a little longer. When it comes, it’ll be a joy like few others. It’ll be yours.

Dream it, pursue it, achieve it.

Oh, and that lady who was afraid of getting laid off? Ten years later she didn’t get laid off and never started taking classes, never got a degree, and still worried about getting laid off and how hard it’ll be to find another job. But she’s still working there.

She did have a heart attack, though, and nearly died. About 1/3 of her heart muscle did die.

Sorry. Not all my stories have happy endings.

Yours can, though.

In life and in our stories, we write every chapter, good and bad.

16 thoughts on “We Write Every Chapter, Good And Bad.

  1. I once read an article written by a first time author who was describing how she worked a boring warehouse job for 18 months. Every day she would get up early so she could write two pages before she started work. Every day her co worker would tease her about her two pages, all the while talking about the novel he would write when he had the time. 18 months later she had a completed and edited novel and he still talked about “when he had time”.

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  2. I needed to read this today. Finals are tomorrow. I still have a ways to go, but I’m actively trying to write the story I want to live. And I was just about to throw my laptop when I decided perhaps a breather was in order. Thank you wordpress, and thank you, Dan 🙂

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