Enjoy the holiday weekend!

I’m hitting the beach for Shark Week – I mean, Fourth of July. Expect less in the way of posts, (but you never know – I miss you guys.)

I have a cool cookbook that’s 4th of July related; maybe I’ll run it on sale for 99 cents.  If I do, the only place it’s be known is here, on this site, so that’s your perk for being a follower this weekend. Expect sale prices on the 4th and then not again on the 5th, got it? Eastern Standard Time; I live in Florida.

Makes a great early Christmas present!
Makes a great early Christmas present!

Here’s the link


If I forget, send me a message from the CONTACT ME button. Cos I’ll be at the beach.

Happy 4th!

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3 thoughts on “Enjoy the holiday weekend!

  1. I JUST put in the price change request, so check back in a few hours for the cookbook to be on sale. What can I say, I’m on vacation. But as my special makeup gift to all of you, I’ll put ALL my books on sale for 99 cents today. Tell anyone you want, share the joy.


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