Who Is YOUR One Fan?

I know I have one...
I know I have one…

Who is your one fan?

Do you think Stephen King focuses on millions of readers when writing his bestsellers?

In his book On Writing, King tells us he writes for one reader only — his wife. When he writes, he doesn’t wonder whether his millions of fans will enjoy his new book. He wonders, “What will Tabitha think about this section?”

Thank you, Copyblogger, for that information.

So? Who is your one fan?

HappyChild_largeI have a few, because I write different kinds of books.

The first is a high school friend that I had in mind when I wrote Savvy Stories. She thought my stories were funny and encouraged me way more than she should have. Blame her for the rest of this writing obsession thing.

Of course, the fact that my wife liked the stories, and cried or laughed in the right spots – that helped a lot. Her friends, too, who read them first as my Gineau pigs. (I made them all cry with THIS one, which is when I knew I had something.)

But mainly it was that one friend from high school.

Ooh, THAT's a good idea.... she'll LOVE that...
Ooh, THAT’s a good idea…. she’ll LOVE that…

The later books were written with a fellow author in mind, who may or may not realize their influence. Hard to say. Again, a few much appreciated others rounded out the field, but it was always that one person that was really the audience – for better or worse.

The newest book is written with a different person in mind, but I guarantee she doesn’t know she’s the intended reader. She represents an audience, though, so she’s the one this time around. And the prior muse will definitely play a role, but it’s a different story. It requires a different touch.

And all this time, I knew all that but I never said anything. I wonder if I should have? I had one person in mind each time but I never thought that was a good thing.

Now I know otherwise, thanks to Stephen King via a random Twitter tweet in my feed that happened to catch my eye.

How cool is that?


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Your humble host.
Your humble host.

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