Tips For New Authors: Get It Out Of Your Head And Into The Computer

We all get great ideas but there isn’t always have a great way of writing them down – but why risk letting a great idea get away? After you place pens and notepads everywhere including one in a plastic sandwich bag taped to the shower door, what more can you do?

Hmm... What more can I do?
Hmm… What more can I do?

Glad you asked.

You can call your house and leave a message on your answering machine saying what’s in your head. Tell your husband that you will be leaving these verbal notes to yourself from time to time so please don’t erase them. Start each of those messages “This is a message to me to remind me to blah blah blah.” He will catch on, and you will have it in a format that you can start writing it down from.

It was the butler the whole time!
It was the butler the whole time!

Also, forcing yourself to tell the story out loud is like telling a bedtime story, which helps you round out ideas, but simply getting it down is a big deal – and this is an easy way to do it. You can play a message back 100 times if you need to, but you will get a lot of your story fleshed out.

Use your cell phone’s voice-to-text feature and email yourself the brilliant idea. I have even used a video camera to just get a particularly long story idea captured quickly somewhere. It may take you 2 weeks of transcribing but it will be out of your head.

Yes, yes. This is good stuff.
Yes, yes. This is good stuff.

If you write a note on paper (remember that stuff?) or you collect ideas in a journal, immediately take a picture of it with your phone and email it to yourself. Now you have a backup in the phone and a reminder on your computer. (I mean, you’ve never misplaced your journal have you? No, not you.)

Maybe it's at work!
Maybe it’s at work!

Then, put the spurs to the horse.

Make an Amazon “draft” version of your new story.

Maybe buy a cover (an inexpensive one) or make one, and save it with your draft on your Ammy bookshelf.

Make the new cover your screen saver.

Now it’s taunting you, motivating you.

When you list your eBooks anywhere, list it as “Coming Soon.”

Maye you have 4 titles that readers can buy now and 4 more coming soon. Maybe there’s only one book they can buy now and two coming soon. So what? It still looks better and it gives readers a reason to check back if they like your writing. Plus, they aren’t really going to hold you to it if “The Cloud Blossom” never comes to fruition as long as something does.


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