Savvy doesn’t eat apples every day, but she eats them a lot. That is, she eats the white part of the apple, not the red skin. If you “start” an apple for her – bite through the red part – she will happily share it with you. You just have to keep exposing enough white. If you slice an apple, she will also share: white parts for her; red parts for you. So she will eat a slice for a while until it gets down close to the red part, then she will hand it over.

Also, I can regulate how much apple she eats by how I prepare it. If I slice it, she ends up eating about half of it overall, because she leaves a lot of the white part on the skins. (That’s why I don’t mind sharing an apple that way. The skin-to-white ratio is still pretty tasty.) If I peel the apple, she may eat the whole thing all by herself. So, depending on how much apple I actually want her to eat at any given sitting, I just prepare it differently.

A week or so ago I bought a bag of apples and stuck them in the spare fridge. That’s the refrigerator you keep when you buy a new one because the old one still works. In Florida, it usually gets a place of honor in the garage, but ours is in the room with the workout equipment. And yes, being in there with the treadmill, it is stocked with beer and wine. I think that’s just part of the arrangement: wife gets an extra fridge; husband keeps beer in it. Especially if it’s near the treadmill. It holds a few vegetables, too, and some other stuff, but mostly beer and wine.

And for the last week or so, apples.

Not every day, but probably every other day, Savvy and I have shared an apple for either breakfast, lunch, or a snack.

Today we went to the spare fridge to have an apple for a pre dinner apple-tizer, and there were two apples left in the bag. Savvy picked one up.

She informed me we are only to eat this one and then we’re not to eat any more apples.

Usually there is a reason why we have to do something – but not always. Sometimes she just makes stuff up.

“Dad, we can only step on the red tiles!” as we walk to a store in the mall. The red tiles were 12” apart, but there were a lot of them. And we had to step on ONLY red tiles, but also we had to step on EVERY red tile. It slowed things down, but it wasn’t a deal breaker.

“Dad, I have to watch Spongebob because my pretend sister will cry if we don’t!” That one’s a maybe; I can go either way on it, if the Spongebob limit hasn’t been reached for the day.

But when the pretend sister joined in the green bean rebellion, I had to intervene and put the down the uprising.

So I waited patiently for the explanation about the apples as we walked from the spare fridge to the kitchen.

It’s still not unusual for her to like Spaghetti-Os on Monday and hate Spaghetti-Os on Tuesday, or to like green beans and meatballs on Wednesday and hate them on Thursday, only to love them again on Friday.

So during this short walk, I thought I should prepare to head off any kind of apple insurgency.

And it’s me doing the explaining, because Michele went out of town on Tuesday for a business trip. We have Skyped or spoken on the phone each day that she’s been gone. (By the way, Savvy is getting less and less thrilled about going to the airport; every time we go, somebody she loves goes away for a while.) Thursday morning, when Savvy asked Michele when she would be home, Mommy said she’d be back on Saturday. I took the liberty of explaining what that meant, in terms a four year old can understand.

“That means when we go to sleep in our beds two more times, and wake up two more times, then it will be Saturday and we can go to the airport and pick Mommy up. Get it?”

Savvy nodded.

I have to add in that part about sleeping in our beds because otherwise she will wake up from a nap and demand to see Michele. Two quick naps and I can bring Mommy back! Well, no, that’s not quite how it works – and explaining that to a groggy kid who just woke up from a nap is a lot harder than it sounds.

What’s also cute is, Savvy doesn’t 100% put two and two together about going to the airport and an airplane taking you someplace else. We thought she understood it when we all flew to California, but maybe not. She kind of thinks Mommy is just staying at the airport. During the last business trip a few weeks ago, she asked if we could go to the airport to visit Mommy.

Luckily, Mommy doesn’t travel much these days. These two trips so close to each other are just a fluke.

And right now, another explanation about how airports work, can wait. I am anticipating the argument for not eating any more apples.

“Dad, I don’t want you or me to eat any more apples for two times that I go to bed and two times that I wake up.”

That seemed a little stricter than usual, but she wasn’t finished.

“And then Mommy will be home, and I will eat that apple with her.”

Her tone was serious, but not sad. This was something she would be looking forward to.

That’s fine. I think we can get by without apples for that brief period of time, as long as there’s a good reason – and that sure sounded like a good reason to me. And trust me, I will get an apple advisory every day, right through Saturday morning. That’s just how the kid operates. I’m okay with it.

Hurry home Michele; you are missed! Travel safely, and bring an appetite for apples with you when you arrive. Our daughter will probably request for me to have the last one all cut up and ready to be eaten in the car on the way home from the airport.

If you wonder if Savvy thinks about you all the time when you travel, she does. In a good way. So, I expect that apple will taste extra delicious on Saturday, for both of you.

I think she might even let you have some of the white part.



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