How’s The New Book Coming?

Dan AlatorreHmm. It’s getting there.

I’ve written 12 chapters and 26,444 words since I started this project on June 23, but most of that was in the last 10 days.

And the biggest challenge isn’t the writing.

It’s not been with ideas.

It’s not finding time to write.


It’s been figuring out how to start book 2 when book 1 was a “one and done.”

DB USAT cover version B 06132020 paperback

By that I mean, I wrote the first book, Double Blind, not intending for there to be a sequel. When I got near the end of writing book 1, I occasionally had some ideas for what book 2, Primary Target, might need to contain. I ended up outlining – in verrrry broad strokes – what books 2-5 might need to be.

z Primary Target COVER 3D paperback


And I’m happy with that. (The cover above is a mock up representation. Primary Target will look like that but with the fonts from Double Blind.)

(and these covers will have different images and background colors)

What I didn’t expect was spending time to re-know those interesting, fun characters from Double Blind all over again so that Primary Target started with a bang.




And all your favorite characters are back in full force.


It took the better part of 30 days to iron out the problem areas, but they are ironed out now. I expect to write a chapter a day, maybe two, for the next month until this one’s complete. Look for it to come in between 60k and 80k, maybe more, around July 31.


I think you’ll like it.

I know I do.


And you are gonna DIE when you see how I wrap up book 2 and start book 3!


You can’t order Primary Target yet, but I’ll set up a preorder listing soon, don’t worry.


Stay tuned!

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