WOW, you WILL NOT believe what convicted felon Wid Bastian just did to another author!

Gang, I just received this email. Skip to paragraph two:

“Just wanted to thank you VERY MUCH for your info on Wid. I’ve been doing business with him (I might just use a different word for that after reading your blog post) – and had decided to drop him at the end of this month. Thankfully I don’t think I’ve lost a great deal of money apart from that I believe the physical/financial effort he’s put in for the advertising fees I’ve paid him don’t add up, over time. Possibly hundreds of dollars a month tossed down the toilet for 9 months or so. I feel like an idiot!

“Today when another author alerted me, I found out someone had changed the password on my KDP account.

Had to phone Amazon to get everything reset.

Coincidence? I think not … because Wid called literally 10 minutes after I changed it, and FB messaged as well.


It seems like old habits die hard for convicted felon Wid Bastian

and he’s getting more and more desperate.

Wid Bastian wanted poster


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