Wid Bastian Declares BANKRUPTCY (Again)

Convicted felon, con man, and alleged marketer Wid Bastian has just filed for bankruptcy – again.

Guess he messed with the wrong people.

But don’t worry. Prison still awaits, Wid! It seems the Utah state Attorney General (I spoke with their office again this morning) has a real dislike for people who defraud charities, which Wid did when he embezzled over $20,000 from our box set and the two charities we pledged the money to.

And check out his old Wanted poster – I think a new one will be coming soon!

Wid Bastian wanted poster

If you see this very ugly, very stupid felon and con man, hold on to your wallet and run!


Is he UGLY or what???

For more about convicted felon, alleged sociopath and marketer Wid Bastian, click HERE 


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USA Today bestselling author Dan Alatorre has 50+ titles published in more than 120 countries and over a dozen languages.

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