Terminal = 75,301 (so far, and this weekend it’ll get completed at about 80k)

Dan AlatorreThat’s right.

That’s RIGHT.

I told you yesterday, I have the next two chapters halfway written, and the final chapter is all outlined.

I expect the final three chapters of TERMINAL SEQUENCE to each come in anywhere between 1000-3000 words; say 1500 on average. That’s 4500 words to the finish line, half of which have already been written.

And that pesky chapter 33? Just finished it. Pretty darned good, too. You’ll be on the edge of your seat reading that whole 3500 word section – but it will read like 1500, because it’s that fast-paced.


Chapter 33 is almost the BEST chapter in the book

but not quite


There are two other awesome, OH MY GOD moments that


(Wow out loud, as one fan might put it.) Oh yeah. You’ll see what I mean.

Robin Cook, eat your heart out. This MEDICAL THRILLER ROCKS.

Possibly my best ever. In fact, I think it is.

It’s almost TERMINAL TIME.

What a blast this series has been to write!


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The Gamma Sequence

Rogue Elements: The Gamma Sequence, book 2

Terminal Sequence: The Gamma Sequence, book 3

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