Manuscript Update on Terminal Sequence (BTW, Preorder price for Rogue Elements goes up tomorrow!)

Dan AlatorreSo it looks like I won’t meet my self-imposed deadline of 12/31 at midnight for finishing Terminal Sequence, book 3 in The Gamma Sequence series.

But I’m close!

50,000 words of amazing medical thriller written since November 22.

Not bad.

And Terminal Sequence is only 1-2 weeks away from completion, coming in around 65k-80k. I can live with that.

Terminal Sequence WILL meet the scheduled release date of February 28, 2020. No worries there.


URGENT! Book 2 in The Gamma Sequence series, Rogue Elements is on sale right now for 99 cents while it is in preorder. The book comes out tomorrow, and the ebook price goes up to $4.99. Get the deal while it’s available.


Writing Terminal Sequence has been fun. LOTS of cool stuff happening in it, and a lot of blow-your-mind scenes.

One scene is particularly terrifying.

I’m pretty proud of myself for that one.


Anyway, The Gamma Sequence continues to climb the charts, having just been released on December 1 of this year in ebook. Rogue Elements will do well, too; many people said it’s better than the first book. Maybe it is.

The third book is amazing. You’re going to want to read it, so when I have it finished, you’ll be getting an email asking for beta readers (if you’re in my Readers Club).

Don’t miss out.

(Get Gamma’d HERE)

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