“The last few chapters blew me away.”

“The last few chapters blew me away.”

Yep. I do that.

Gang, here’s a review by a new fan.

GAMMA SEQUENCE FINAL 11182019 ebookGenetics – the subject that is the marker of humankind, everything is decided by our genetics.

I love medical thrillers, not many can write it well.

Dan Alatorre went one step ahead in this thriller and thought wickedly.

And I cackled in delight.

In this book, we had Lanaya who was in deep as she knew someone was killing off the geneticists who had worked 20 years ago on the gamma sequence which led to disastrous results. So she hired a private investigator, an ex-cop, Hamilton DeShear to help her. And boy!! Were those bullets zapping!!

My first book by author Dan Alatorre, authored solely by him,

the story was absolutely mind blowing

when the truth was revealed. I loved the mind of this author who could see beyond what he knew or read. He put the theory into words which I had always been scared of. Brilliance of the plot deserved all the accolades along with the ingenuity of the villain in the book.

The majority of this book was a high octane action thriller with both the main characters trying to escape the killers. The mid section meandered for me as I wanted to know the reason. Something had been done years ago, and I needed to get more hints of it. I understood the various layers that the author had to add to bring the shocker of the reveals at the end. But the doc in me craved for hints in the mid-section and more action by the main characters.

Genetics was given the spotlight, but nothing which would confuse a non-medico. I loved how the author played with the idea of it and showed the dark side. Who is to say that a gamma sequence is not happening in some lab somewhere on this world?!

Overall this was an amazing fun read.

The last few chapters blew me away.

Me: Patting self on back.

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Published by Dan Alatorre AUTHOR

USA Today bestselling author Dan Alatorre has 50+ titles published in more than 120 countries and over a dozen languages.

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