13,500 Words. I’m Slacking!

img_2351-23I had to rewrite about 2,000 words of my latest medical thriller today.

I had this great scene, and I said, this happens, then this, then THIS… what  great plot twist! What a cool surprise!

Readers will love that!

Then I realized I had people speaking Ukrainian when they were supposed to be in London.


AAAND I remembered all that cool stuff needed to happen partially out of view of the reader, otherwise – no surprise!


So – rewrite!

Then I added another however many words to finish the chapter on a cliffhanger, and we are right back to it!

TERMINAL draft 1

Now, I’m fighting a head cold, so I could pack it in for the day after write this, or I could write until 11pm, but the smart thing says, since I have tomorrow off, to hit the hay early and get up early and write then.

I feel bad that I didn’t add another 2k to the story today…

but if this thing was to end up at 60k (ha, who are we kidding? a book as short as that – from me?) then I’d be almost 25% of the way through and could conceivably finish in 3 times longer than I’ve spent already, or roughly… let’s see… Nov 22 at 9am until Nov 26 at 8pm, so roughly… 5 working days? So, three times that would be about two and a half more weeks? FOR A COMPLETED NOVEL?

Ha, gang, even I wouldn’t set that as a goal.

Or would I???

No, Ima write this sucker the way I want, and then edit it down to the bare bones, so I’m estimating 85k because at 13k we haven’t even scratched the surface! But you never know! It will be done when it’s done, and it will encompass the story I want to told. That’s all I can tell you right now.

But we’re 13.5k into however long it’s gonna be, and we have about 4 solid writing days plus part of Thanksgiving Day to write before the real world creeps in again, then the Christmas holidays come, which, for my kid’s school is 3 weeks long, so it’s entirely possible we bring this in at 105k in mid-January.

I’ll keep you posted.

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  1. You are doing great, Dan. You can set very tight deadlines for creativity. The story needs to develop in its own way. I hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving with your family. PS, the new cover for The Navigators which just happens to line up with my comment on your sidebar, is fantastic.

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