Rogue Elements Cover Voting

I decided to give my medical thriller series a makeover, so we retired the original covers and hired an artist to make professional ones. They will be appearing on the books very soon.

Here’s The Gamma Sequence cover, new (L) and old (R):


Then, of course, we had to follow that look for the series, so we created a few versions of a new cover for Rogue Elements, and asked people to vote on them.

Rogue Trio

Each has its own appeal, and one fits better than the others with the story, but the cover has to get you to open the book; you get the story after that – a bit of a dilemma.

Anyway, cover C was voted most popular!

  • A got 30% of the votes
  • B got 8% of the votes
  • C got 62% of the votes


That’s a cover landslide.

So THIS will be the new cover of Rogue Elements:

Rogue Cover C

Mysterious, right? I like it.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the voting. We asked over three thousand people for their input, but after about 50 votes it was clear who the winner was, and that didn’t change.

Didn’t get to vote? Join my Readers Club and never miss out on any exciting action! It’s free and you might get some free books, too.

Here’s the NEW covers for the first two books in The Gamma Sequence series

and I’m busy writing the third and final one, TERMINAL SEQUENCE.

I’ll have voting for that soon.



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