Live And Let Die

img_2351-22Here’s an interesting note.

In the movie Live And Let Die, there is a boat chase scene.

It’s maybe one of my favorite action sequences from any James Bond movie.

  • (Live and Let Die has an awesome theme song, too – Paul McCartney at his best.)
  • At 1:27:21, Bond gets into the boat to get away from the bad guys. (They chase, of course.)
  • The boat chase scene is done at 1:40:02 with the explosion of bad guy and his boat.

    That’s 13 minutes of a boat chase, intercut with car chases, and that’s roughly 10% of the movie.

Can you imagine making one scene 10% of your book?

Opens your eyes a little, doesn’t it?


I’m reading the book to see what Ian Fleming’s writing is like, just out of curiosity, but there were a LOT of unique characters and scenes in the movie. Originality has its place.



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5 thoughts on “Live And Let Die

  1. my werewolf pooka story opens up with a charter being chased by an unseen monster than falling off a cliff into a rushing river. i see music playing as he sinks to the bottom of the river than wakes up and strugles to the top of the water and makes it to land.

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