53k – and counting

img_2351-23On about August 18th, I started writing Rogue Elements, the sequel to my very well-received novel, The Gamma Sequence.

Now, about six weeks later, Rogue Elements is about 53,000 words long, and THE END IS NEAR!

I got DeShear into some trouble this time!

My plan is to have The Gamma Sequence, Book 2: Rogue Elements completed in about seven days. I only have about 10 plot points left to write, at about 1000 – 3000 words per plot point, so it’ll come in around… 68k? (That’s pretty short, for me! The Gamma Sequence was 83k.)

THEN, I’ll be looking for some beta readers.

Not yet, though. Hold your water.

I’ll keep you posted.

BTW, when Rogue Elements is completed, I plan to keep writing the story – just not quite as fast – so the trilogy will be completed as soon as possible. I’m targeting January 31, 2020.

Group Tinted

Then I go back to Double Blind and see where we left Carly and Sergio.

Think Carly (Double Blind) will meet a fate like Lanaya (The Gamma Sequence) did?

Stay tuned!

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